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Facts about Davinci IQ vaporizer.

It is a type of vaporizer which is ranking the third in the market of vapes.The vaporizer is small in size and weighs about 145 grams which make it portable since it can even fit in the pocket. It has a removable battery. It has bright LEDs which are pleasing and fun to watch. Mentioned below are other detailed facts about this vape.

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Ceramic mouthpieces.

It has two mouthpieces made from ceramic zirconium which makes have an excellent flavor. It also makes it durable and easy to clean. The character chamber works by cooling and smoothing the vapor before it gets to the lips by increasing the amount of space the gas travels in. … read more. The features meet the requirements of the market demand earning the organization a high profit.

The vapor quality.

It has the most excellent vapor quality since the path it passes through is ceramic zirconia.The ceramic provides cold, dense, and pure flavored smoke. The heater is powerful making it produce thick vapor without getting overpowered quickly. It is efficient with herbs since its production is excellent.


Temperature ranges.

Temperature ranges from 250 F to 430 F and can be adjusted to desirable temperatures after 45 seconds. It has three heating options. When davinci IQheat is set in the popular setting one can also then boost mode of a ramp to the oven temperature.



Although it is an excellent type of vape, it has several disadvantages. One of them is its purchase cost. It is very expensive compared to other vapes in the market. This limits the number of customers since the majority cannot afford the device. The second one is that when it is used for a long time, it gets built up making it hard to clean. Washing the dirt that is build up takes time and sometimes causes the device to spoil. Thirdly, when the ball on the door gets lost, it can happen. And when the ball is lost it makes the device not fully functional. Purchasing another one is also very expensive.

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To sum up, the Davinci IQ vaporizer is the best product in the market since it is portable and light. Also, it has ceramic mouthpiece which makes it easy to clean and durable. The vapor is excellent because of its heating ability. Temperature ranges can be adjusted to the desired ranges. Some of the disadvantages are that it is expensive to purchase. When the dirt builds up, it is hard to clean it, and the ball on the door may get lost making the device semi- functional.

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